Shanfari Special Projects-Military collaboration with Yugo Import SDPR J.P

27 Feb 2018

Shanfari Special Projects - Military have a decidedly extensive global network and associations in serving the international market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defense to civil security.


Apart from its existing partnership with prominent firms and suppliers in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom to mention a few, Shanfari Special Projects - Military has recently joined forces with the well known Serbian  company  namely YugoImport SDPR J.P. the prominent defense equipment manufacturer to be the approved representative office for YugoImport SDPR J.P. in the Sultanate of Oman under their approved representative lead Mr. Quinton Kruger.


Shanfari Special Projects - Military is therefore fast becoming the number one supplier and services provider to the defense industry in the Sultanate, as it is capable to offer specialist defense and security solutions, providing integrated logistic support in the aerospace, defense and security industries.


YugoImport–SDPR J.P. is a Serbian state-owned intermediary company for the import and export of defense-related equipment, with their headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.


The company was founded in 1949 and today the company represents the Government and military industrial complex of Serbia in the sphere of importation and exportation cooperation of defense equipment and related services. The company works together with the Serbian Army, Military Technical Institute Belgrade and many private companies in Serbia and globally in developing new weapons and systems. The company also provides weapons design, consulting, construction and engineering services.


The association with Shanfari Special Projects - Military will ensure quick turnaround to all requests received locally in the Sultanate of Oman and will provide for on-the-ground support in after sales logistical supply chain with parts and services, as well as continued skills transfer, through a well recognized and trusted company, the Shanfari Group of Companies.