About the Company

Shanfari Ready Mix is a specialized supplier of Ready-mix Concrete and aggregates in sultanate of Oman. It manufactures and supplies various Grades and different kind of Concrete to a greater part of construction groups, across Oman.

The Company has been in operation for over three decades and has established a vast presence all over Oman with operations in Muscat, Nizwa, Sohar , Amerat & Sur.

Adding to its vast experience, Shanfari Ready Mix and Crushers has the support of a well trained team of professionals offering customers a quality product with best service.
An ISO 9001 and PDO certified company, Shanfari Ready Mix and Crushers constantly work towards ensuring the delivery of a top quality product with all operations, documented and carried out as per ISO 9001 requirement. Moreover all raw materials used in the manufacturing process are tested for compliance with BS and ASTM standards at Company’s own well equipped laboratory. Also, Shanfari Ready Mix and Crushers has its own fully equipped state-of-the-art workshop in Muscat to maintain equipment and vehicles at top operational efficiency.
This commitment to quality and service has reaped rich rewards for Shanfari Ready Mix and Crushers, enabling the Company to be associated with a who’s who of the Omani construction industry.

Shanfari Crushers

Aggregate Manufacturing Operation is an subsidiary part of the Shanfari Ready-mix and its Crusher unit established in 1984.

Shanfari’s, Aggregate Quarry and Crusher is located 70km northwest of Muscat, near Sumayl close by to Muscat- Nizwa, Main Road.

Though In-House supplies represent a significant portion, the bulk of the output is supplied to the Commercial Construction Market. Its supply reference list is quite similar to the Ready-mix Division.



Other than supplying concrete by Boom Placers to customer’s site, we use loose Pipe Joining System for lengthy difficult approaches, which is unique in Oman.
For Major Projects at Remote Locations with High volumes we erect Dedicated Batching Plants.


We do, Trial Mixes, Custom Mix Designs, Concrete Consultancy, Site Inspection, Material Testing etc.
For bulk volumes at remote areas we erect dedicated plants.


The central Lab at Capital has facilities to test

1. The Properties of Cement

2. Properties of Aggregates

3. Air Content, Slump, Temperature, Bulk Density and Compressive Strength of Concrete.


Concrete Products

We supply, various concrete grades meeting relevant, BS- EN , American ,Gulf and Omani standards from 5 MPA to 80 MPA Cube Strength.

Further to Standard Concrete, We supply Value Added products like, Micro concrete, Light Weight Concrete, Pervious Concrete, Self Compacting Concrete, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Roof Screed and Feed for Shot Concrete.

Shanfari ready mix concrete, adopts a Mix Design which is a combination of ‘Design of Normal Concrete Mixes’, published by the British research establishment and ‘American concrete Institute’s, 211-Standard practice for selecting concrete proportion’s.


Our mix proportions are absolute volume based, Means, Volume of Compacted Concrete is equal to sum of absolute volume of all ingredients. All aggregates are assumed as in saturated surface day condition and the design is based upon the same.

Raw materials

Concrete Quality starts with the Raw Materials used. Our Raw Materials are selected based on their performance. We constantly observe each ingredient to ensure it meets Standard Specifications.


Our Quality Management System designed for an Excellent Process Control. We have a System of Quality Control in all our Plants, this helps us to identify and correct the problems before the concrete is produced. Our QMS extended to the Calibration and Maintenance of all of our Batching and Testing Equipments.

Crusher Products

The crusher product range includes the supply of quality crushed aggregates (20mm and 10mm), Natural Washed Sand, Crushed Sand, Road base, Non-Plastic fill, Gabion Stones and Garden Soil.


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Head Office - Muscat

Shanfari Readymix & Crushers LLC

P.O.Box : 1099, P.C : 111
CPO – Seeb, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman
Tel : (00968) 22060370 / 371 / 372
Fax : (00968) 22060373
Email : readymix@shanfari.com


Tel : (00968) 99432766
Email : rmc.amerat@shanfari.com




Public Establishment of Industrial Estate (PEIE)
Sur, Sultanate of Oman
Tel : +968 25562127
Fax : +968 25562127
Gsm: + 968 99464529
Email : sur@shanfari.com


Public Establishment of Industrial Estate (PEIE)
Tymsa, Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman
Tel : +968 25213405
Gsm : +968 99432808
Email : rmc-nizwa@shanfari.com



Public Establishment of Industrial Estate (PEIE)
Sohar, Sultanate of Oman
Tel : +968 26752109
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Gsm : +968 99429521
Email : mahesh@shanfari.com


Al-Jaylah, Sultanate of Oman,
Gsm : +968 99466806
Email : crusher@shanfari.com