About the Company

Riding on Oman’s strength’s as a trading hub, Al Mutahidha Transport Co. LLC was set up in 1979 and has played an important role in the Nation’s development through its logistics expertise and ability to professionally transport goods throughout the country. The Aim of the Company was to fulfill transportation needs, primarily in the oil and gas industry where logistical support is vital.

Starting with just 12 vehicles, Al Mutahidha Transport Co. LLC today operates a fleet of over 200 vehicles including trailers, tippers, tankers, cranes and other specialized equipment. In fact, over the years the Company has forged itself as a specialist in heavy-duty haulage for the Oil and Gas industry, for which it fulfills a wide variety of logistical needs.

As part of its expansion plans, Al Mutahidha Transport Co. LLC set up OFSAT Limited Co. LLC a dedicated oil rig moving subsidiary, in the year 1984. This specialized division has its own fleet of nearly a 130 specialized trucks and all terrain cranes. Both the companies have ventured into specialized activities as well.

Al Mutahidha Transport Co. LLC operates a Heavy Lift Division equipped with jacking and skidding system capable of lifting loads of up to 500 tons; 32 axle lines of modular trailer with transport capacity of 700 tons and 2 x extra low, low bed trailers extendable from 12 m to 21 m in length. Al Mutahidha – Heavy Lift truly finds no weight too great.


Al Mutahidha Transport is mainly involved in all types of general haulage within the Sultanate of Oman and UAE.

Al Mutahidha – Heavy Lift has been the company of choice for forwarding and transporting equipment for General Electric, Oman Refinery Group, Thomassen Intl., Hawker Siddeley Power Engineering and Balfour Kilpatrick to name but a few of our clients.


Many prestigious projects have been undertaken and successfully completed since its inception.

Transport Projects for upstream & downstream Oil & Gas Facilities including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Gas Gathering and Oil Production Facilities. Fabrication of Once Through and Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Oil Well Surface Equipment, Oil & Gas Pipeline Equipment and Components, Metering and Measurement Stations, Pressure and Vacuum Vessels, and Process Equipment Skids and Units for the downstream industries.

Design, fabrication, supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance works for Oil & Gas projects and other specialized equipments.


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