About the Company

Ofsat Ltd. Co. LLC has been servicing customers in the Oilfields of Oman Since 1984.

Ofsat has been one of the 3PL contract holders for PDO and subsequently Bahwan Exel for the past 28 years.

We currently have 2 bases in Oman. One is located in Ghala in the Capital Area of Muscat. The second and the major base is in Fahud which is in North Oman oilfields. Both the locations have independent workshops and service facility to repair trucks and equipments.

Our unrivalled experience in the field puts us at the forefront for Oilfield logistics and Rig Moving expertise in Oman.


OFSAT rig move team consists of experienced and competent professionals recognized and acknowledged by major drilling companies across Oman. Our experienced team with a firm commitment to HSE is ready to assist you with your Oilfield logistic requirements including :

  • Rig & Camp Moves
  • Cargo Haulage Operations of all types in the interior and capital area
  • Lifting operations in the oilfields
  • Transport from Port to Rig Site or Rig Site to Port
  • Stores & Yard Operations & Management

Our Service is backed up by our large fleet of robust Oilfield specific vehicles.

Fleet Size

  • Trucks


  • Cranes


  • Light Vehicles


  • Fork Trucks / Other


To keep our fleet moving we also run the following support vehicles:-

  • Dedicated fuel tankers to do the refueling of our trucks and equipment on site.
  • Dedicated tyre trucks, repair and service trucks to carry out immediate repairs on site in emergencies to avoid or reduce the downtime due to equipment breakdown during rig moves or cargo haulage or lifting operations.
  • All our fleet is PDO RAS certified
  • All our fleet has valid third party inspection and test certificates.
  • Back-up fleet is readily available as and when needed.
  • Our whole operation runs to the PDO SP2000 Road Safety Standard.
    ( Which also complies with OPAL Upstream Operators Road Safety Standard).

All vehicles are fitted with IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System). This allows us to monitor our drivers location at all times. Ensuring they are on the correct route and on time to meet our customers’ expectations. In addition these acts as a safety device should the driver have an issue, we can track his actual location and send the relevant support to assist.

This is backed up by our Journey Plan Management which ensures we are aware of the vehicles progress against arrival targets at all times. Our Journey management system complies with the current PDO legislation.


Ofsat – Kenworth

Ofsat is also the official Dealer for Kenworth trucks in Oman. This gives us a major advantage over our competition.

  • Full Stock of spare parts in house
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Technical expertise on hand at all time
  • Reduction in Capitol purchase cost
  • Ability to build our own Oilfield truck beds etc in our Engineering facility in Fahud

The above combination of services increases our reliability and in turn allows us to have more units available to meet our customers changing requirements. All of our heavy duty trucks are Kenworth.

OFSAT – Aggreko

Ofsat has a Joint Venture with Aggreko of UK, the world’s largest power rental company specialized in this field for over 40 years. Aggreko operates a fleet of Hushpower generators ranging between 20KW and 1200KW, HV transformers, cable, bulk fuel tanks, resistive reactive loadbanks and switchgear providing unrivaled turnkey power services.

Each location provides a full support service, 24 hour availability testing facilities and qualified people serving it with pride and commitment.


Contact Us

Ofsat Limited Co. LLC

PO Box 138, Postal code 111,
Seeb, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman
Tel : (00968) 245 90365/245 94205/6
Fax : (00968) 245 90542
Email : ofsatmct@omantel.net.om


Tel : (00968) 243 84217/243 84382
Fax : (00968) 243 84929